Synthetic oils that meet 502 specifications

The 502 VW oil specification is a standard for a high performance engine oil for VW gasoline engines. This specification has also been adopted by other European car manufacturers, such as Skoda and Audi. Advances in synthetic oil formulations led to a revision of the specification, now called VW 504, which has the same performance characteristics, but has no additives that will significantly improve the time that the car can go between changes. Most commercial synthetic oils will list which standards are compatible with the label, for the purposes of your VW engine, 502 and 504 are equivalent oil types. Compatible with BP (British Petroleum) Engine Oils.

Among the British petroleum oils that meet the class are the BP Visco 5000 brand, the BP Visco 7000 Sport, and the BP Visco 7000 Turbo

Diesel Sport - these are all 40 weight engine oils. BP changes the names of its oils in different countries, BP EuroSpirit, BP Visco 7000 and BP Visco 5000 C are alternative names for these types of engine oils. See more at castrol edge vs mobil 1

Compatible Castrol Engine Oils

Castrol manufactures and sells motor oils on the American market and is one of the leading brands with a significant consumer awareness. Castrol engine oils compatible with the VW 502 standard are Castrol Edge Sport, Castrol Borda Turbo Diesel, Castrol SLX Turbo Diesel and Castrol TXT 505.01 (named after the diesel version of the 502 specification).

Other Castrol engine oils that work include Castrol Syntec (a widely available brand), Castrol TXT Softec Plus, SL, and most of Castrol SLX and Magnatec Castrol lines for gasoline and diesel engines. All Castrol engine oils that are compatible with the 502 or 504 specification will have been present in the container.

Brand Havoline Compatible Chevron Engine Oils

Chevron's engine oils come in weight 30 and 40 varieties of weight engines, and all Havoline oils will conform to the 502 specification, including the Ultra Havoline, Havoline and fully synthetic line.

Compatible Mobil Engine Oils

Mobil Oil makes a series of synthetic oils that are compatible with the VW 502 standard, including the mobile system S, Mobil 1, Mobil 1 Turbo Diesel and Mobil 1 arctic and Super 3000 X1. All Mobil oils will list the standard VW 502 or 504 that are in the bottle.

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